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Just Naturally Vegan ® is a registered trademark of Blue Planet Pharma Corp.

Date of First Use: December 30, 2021

Blue Planet Pharma logo Our Promise and Guarantee --

Blue Planet Pharma supplements are for sale to and use by adults over the age of 18 only.

Our trade/service mark Just Naturally Vegan ® is our way of saying all-natural and wholly vegan, without the legal complications that the term "All Natural" can create. All ingredients are Kosher Certified.

Use of this mark assures you that all product ingredients are wholly Plant Based. However, we go much farther than any other herbal or dietary supplements company. We do not use our mark for products that contain synthetic vitamins (most vitamins in consumer products are synthetic) , minerals (that are not naturally mined or otherwise collected), beeswax, honey, stimulants or other chemical ingredients. Needless to say, we never use the mark for any product that has any animal (including insects), dairy or egg ingredient sources.

We use the term Pharma because we hope to manufacture pharmaceuticals and OTC (Over The Counter) drugs in the future and did not want to limit our name to just herbal or dietary supplements. We also plan a line of cannabis and CBD products in the near future under our Blue Planet Leaf trademark.

We are distributing our own line of personal sexual lubricants called DevilsLube. Our Founder Dan F. Schramm has many ideas. There is no point in limiting ourselves. As they say: "Go big or go home."

Blue Planet also owns: Just Naturally Good, Just Naturally Healthy and Just Naturally by Blue Planet are additional trademarks of Blue Planet Pharma Corp.

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